Smashing Your Lousy Attitude is as Easy as the ABC’s!

E – Effort!

The secret to life, happiness, and success, and the title of my next book. Let’s just say Jim Rohn was right, “Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” The measure of success is doing one simple thing every day to better your life. That kind of discipline takes effort, but it is well worth it. Put effort into your relationships and your health. Your EFFORT is the biggest gamble you can take with your time, some bet more than others. When I look at the successful people in my life, their willingness to gamble their time and effort toward a goal far supercedes those who don’t have the time or give the effort. Success doesn’t just fall out of a tree and hit you on the head. It is earned thru the investment of time and the focus of effort.

“E” is such a great letter with attitude, I just have to add a few words and thoughts under “E.”

Enthusiasm! If you are not excited about your life, your job, your spouse, your friends and your family, then I feel sorry for you. Enthusiasm, just like attitude, is contagious and attractive. The more enthusiastic you are, the more people will want to help you succeed. Especially if you are enthusiastic about them. How enthusiastic are you about all your relationships?

Eat Right and Exercise! I mean really! Does this surprise you? It is amazing to me the hundreds of millions that are spent on marketing diets, pills, paying for people to simply weigh you in, personal trainers, video workouts and even gym memberships. I get all of it and hope you buy it. For exercise, I recommend looking at what Jack LaLanne,“the godfather of fitness”, does and you will be GOLD.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned about exercise, diet and nutrition. Eat fruits and vegetables only for one month. Walk a minimum of a mile a day and increase it one mile every week. You will lose weight and feel great. If you want to throw a little chicken in, do it, fish, do it. Trust me, it will work. Now the hard part, no alcohol, sugars, or preservatives, and stay away from white powders. This is not revolutionary, but it is easy: eat right and exercise.


Energy! Simple formula, people who have massive energy are Eating right, Exercising more, and Enthusiastic about their life!


You feel what you focus on. Think about it. Thinking is the biggest part of attitude. When you feel down and out, lonely, sad, or excluded, all you are thinking about are circumstances that make you feel that way or present themselves to you that way. How fast does it take to change your focus? Well, in my world, one second. If you are feeling down, I suggest you change your focus immediately. I once heard from Tony Robbins that suicide and depression occur from focusing on what you don’t have, constantly. This is not healthy and does not enable you to have a great attitude. I agree with him that, Developing a habit of appreciating what you have can create a new level of emotional well-being and wealth.”  

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