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Perhaps Glenn’s favorite topic!  Glenn started in sales at the age of 19 and quickly became the top salesperson in his market and who he is today.  How did he do this? How did the youngest salesperson in the office become a top producer in his office, the region, the nation and the world.  Glenn will share the lessons of his sales career and his five pillars of sales which he created in his Sales Program and soon to be next #1 Best Seller: Source of Sales. Sales is life and Glenn will show everyone in the audience that no matter your title or predisposition to sales in general, we are all in the sales.  He does this through his quick wit, massive amounts of experience and overwhelming insight into the psychology of  emotional intelligence and influence.  He will teach the process of sales which is to target, research, approach, engage and close the sale. This is a can’t-miss keynote with real life examples of some of the worst targeting, approaches, engagement and closes Glenn has ever witnessed in his 30 years of sales expertise.

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