Quick to Serve, Commit and Connect!

I believe that the world has changed and that people’s attention spans, patience and expectations have all changed with it. If you are not at least open to the idea of speeding up your game and your life, then you most certainly will be left behind. I certainly understand that this concept will not fit the lifestyles of many. However, those who are happy with complacency, the same old day in day out, and being comfortable in their ways probably did not pick up this book anyway. There are people in life, even in your life, that watch the world pass them by. They are slow to serve, slow to commit and slow to connect, this renders them the antithesis of what Attitude is all about. NOT contagious and NOT attractive to those who have the ability to improve and/or change their lives for the better.

I once heard a saying, “You are either on the bus or under the bus.” I believe this to be true; people with Amazing Attitudes and those who embody the secrets in this book will be driving the bus! I’ve never been one to “ride”; I’ve always been one to “drive.” My guess is that you are too. Certainly, there are times when being a passenger on the bus is acceptable and productive, but my guess is your nature is that of a person who wants to dictate tempo and dominate your own life. This is done through the ability to be quick and swift when it comes to responding to others, decision making, and building rapport with others. I have always believed that the reason I was so successful in sales was my ability to reduce everybody’s time investment before a decision was made. How much time does it take for you to make a sale? Time is the only asset distributed equally in the market place. Those who dominate are the ones that are quick, professional and experts in their field. The dominant ones can serve their communities to a higher level, get connections from their clients quicker, thus receiving more commitments and doing more business.

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