Lessons From the 4th Quarter

As a coach and businessman, I love making connections between what works in the field and what works in the office and in life. In football, why does everyone put so much emphasis on the final quarter? The answer is obvious: time is running out. A great motivator in life, and in sales, is called URGENCY. Urgency is created day by day — or minute by minute as the fourth quarter ticks away. Are you prepared? Here are your fourth quarter keys for success:

  1. Get stronger through the contest. Condition your mind and body in a way where you have the strength to exceed your effort from the previous quarters. For you, these quarters may be minutes, hours, days, or week. No matter what the timeline, keep pushing yourself. See yourself as never tiring, always positive, and as mentally tough as anyone you meet. Focus on your strength, own your strength, and give it away to no one.  Expect yourself to be the strongest player at the end of a challenge, those who finish strong expect it, create the outcome and demand increased will through the end not till the end.
  2. Don’t be afraid to win the game. We condition our players and salespeople to expect to win the game and to make the big play. Fourth-quarter victories are found deep down in the hearts of players who relish in the opportunity to exceed their beliefs, their plans, and go after the moment right away with no concern of failure.
  3. Always do more for others than for yourself. We know through the study of human behavior that our players and salespeople will always commit and perform more for others than just for themselves. Win the game for your team.  
  4. Train and prepare for your fourth quarter well before it hits. Dominate by improving your performance one day at a time. Don’t focus on your next play, focus on your next day. A powerful exercise is to divide whatever time you have left in this year into four segments and make the last segment of your year your fourth quarter. Most importantly, have the Amazing Attitude it takes to thrive in your fourth quarter no matter how long it is.

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