Creating High Performance: Customer Service

Let Glenn Bill teach you the keys to high-performance customer service!

As an internationally recognized top business owner and salesperson, Glenn will deliver his “in the street” insights on what customers want in today’s world.  Yes, there are some differences, but the reality is that customers want the same thing they always have.  He will take you on a journey through his time as a salesperson where he delivered top flight customer service to the public and then through his experiences as a business owner where his customers became his employees.  Do the public and an employee expect the same when it comes to customer service? Sit back and enjoy Glenn’s stories as he demonstrates how understanding customer service raised his bar in selling as a salesperson and growing his company as a business owner.  Lastly, he will challenge your group to raise their level of expectation from satisfied customer service to creating loyalty from customers, the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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