C – Control Your Emotions!

As I speak around the country, I ask my audiences two questions:

  • How would you describe your attitude in two words or less?
  • What would you like your attitude to be?

The number one answer I get on question #2 is CONSISTENT. I then point out that it is hard to have a consistent attitude with inconsistent emotions. Think about the time you made the biggest mistake in your life. Were your emotions in control or out of control? The ability to control your emotions is a tough, conscious decision one must undertake in order to keep a more consistent attitude in an effort to make it amazing. I am not telling you to not be emotional, it is only natural that you are, but being at full tilt emotionally ten or more times a day will not make you attractive or contagious, and it certainly won’t classify you as having a contagious, Amazing Attitude. Flying off the handle is not just an outward practice but an inward discontent and anxiety that you feel eating away at you.

Attitude Transformation Opportunity – Go to your Get Attitude Playbook and write down your answers to these questions.

  • How well do I control my attitude and emotions?
  • Do I fly off the handle?
  • If I do, will I commit to record such occurrences so as to measure my ability to control my emotions?


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