Attitude Is Best Broken Down Into Two Parts

Identify the way you:

  1.  Feel about how you think.

We all have thoughts; a way of thinking that determines our attitude. At times, however, we should ask ourselves, “Is what I am thinking true? Even if it is true, why is it that what I am thinking makes me “feel” so uncomfortable, uneasy, or uncertain?” There are times we need to step back and take an inventory of how we are thinking, and ask the following questions in order to get “attitude alignment” with our emotions. If you are thinking a certain way about a situation, occurrence or relationship, and that train of thought makes you “feel” negative, helpless or angry, you should take time to evaluate your negative reactions. Think about one negative or stressful situation, occurrence, or relationship, and ask yourself the following questions:

  1.  Am I okay feeling this, why?
  2.  What does it say about me to feel this way?
  3.  Does this feeling show a sign of weakness, why?
  4.  Does this feeling show a sign of strength or empowerment, why?
  5.  How or why will others find these feelings attractive and empowering to them?
  6.  How will these feelings solve problems, offer solutions or bridge the gap?

“Attitude alignment” is simply when your way of thinking and your emotions are congruent; they are in line. I believe when your thoughts and emotions/feelings are on the same track, you become a person of massive impact and action. Understand living in conflict between what you think and what you feel will not be conducive to an Amazing Attitude.

Your answers to these questions you will see are NOT “reasons” or “excuses.” They are  “challenges” or “motivators” which will propel and pull you forward through any obstacle. These are the answers that employers, business partners, venture capitalists and anyone associating with you will grab onto and say, “This is a person I want to have in my business or life.”

Are you this type of person? Attitude is contagious, attractive and influential. Studying it will make you a person who people feel addicted to, attracted to and worthy of being influenced by.

 I have never seen a person with a bad attitude get the opportunities in life that a person with a good attitude gets!  

  1. Think about how you feel.  

How we think about what we feel implies that we feel automatically about certain things, events, occurrences or actions in our lives. There are inherent responses (feelings) to stimulus that auto-generate when they enter our life. When “things” happen to us, for us, or about us, we instantly feel an emotion and make decisions and take actions based on that instantaneous reflex. Not all of us, but most of us, are creatures of emotional response. Have you ever said to yourself, “Why did I do that?” or “That was just not me!” You say these things because you had no “attitude alignment” between your feelings and your thoughts.

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