A – Attitude Awareness!

Awareness is the opposite of Attitude Addiction. So many people who struggle with addiction have no idea how they are acting or what drives them to do what they do. They are helpless in their own mind and have no idea or awareness about what and how their actions influence the lives of those who love them, and more importantly they don’t recognize how they are destroying their own life. Attitude awareness is just like the first step in the 12 steps to recovery. Admitting, “I am powerless over alcohol” is like a person saying that their negative attitude is like an addiction. It is driven in their psyche and they must first become more aware of what their negative attitude has cost them and what adjusting that attitude could mean for their happiness and overall success. Becoming aware of your attitude is not easy, this is the toughest and deepest step, but until we get past the A, we can’t go to B.  

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